Saturday, March 20, 2010

All BSI Symposium Presentations are On-Line Now

Now all 7 presentations from IISW 2009 Symposium on BSI are on-line. The last published was one by Bedebrata Pain.

Thanks to Eric Fossum for updating on this!


  1. On BSI Omnivision is 2-3 years ahead of the best competition. infinitely ahead of the others because they will never get there.


  2. Certainly, OmniBSI is an important technological statement for TSMC and a big step for Omnivision. However, in terms of QE and SNR10 the first generation OmniBSI was not that impressive. I hope that the second generation OmniBSI-2 would show the true potential of the technology.

  3. How about a SNR10 image quality?
    Are there any example images of SNR10 ??

  4. There are no specs available yet simply because there are no existing products based on the BSI-2 design. it is hardly fair to say that OV is ahead of the industry if we have no products yet.

    Come to think of it, I never saw any BSI-1 products in the wild either. I am afraid that this is much to do about nothing at the moment.

    OV is the only one who seems to create so much press over something yet to be seen in the market. Suffice it to say that BSI-2 at this time is merely a claim by OV. I looked on their website and could find no sampling, products, or mass production of BSI-2.

  5. Well, I've a friend who distributes OV sensors. He told me that the image quality is not bad.

  6. How could he tell you that if the bsi-2 tech is only available for demonstration? it's basically the same as the bsi-1 1.4um pixel which was not that great. its spec were similar to those of many fsi designs of the same pixel pitch.

    when i read that omnivision likened the quality of the 1.1um pixel design to that of the 1.4um, i was unimpressed.

    isn't it a bit premature to discuss this tech until we see some products w/ it?

    for all we know they will announce a bsi-3 before we've seen the bsi-2. as mentioned by another poster, i was amazed that i had yet to see a bsi-1 product yet when i heard they were going to demonstrate the next generation. what's with that?

  7. Well if the progress is so fast, it's normal that they will not produce the previous generation sensors which stayed as lab proto ...

  8. Jeez, this board regarding OVTI is starting to sound like the pump and dump guys on OVTI's Yahoo Groups message board. In case some of you guys are new to watching OVTI, they have for years sold vaporware to investors. There is a reason they have gone through soooo many CFO's in the past ten years. Many of them refused to sign off on these ridiculous forward statements for fear of being hauled up in front of the SEC. From where I sit, Sony is in the lead regarding BSI, not OVTI. Sony spent years developing BSI for CCD before porting over to CIS. Sony has been selling BSI into products for two years now. Who has the lead?

  9. Is it possible to actually buy Sony's BSI sensors? If yes, where? This question is not to poke fun at the previous post, I would really like
    to buy their chips to do some testing.

  10. Look for any products with the Exmor 'R' sensor. There are several cameras + camcorders on the market with them now.


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