Thursday, March 04, 2010

Varioptic's Image Stabilizing Lens

I-Micronews, publish more details about Varioptic's A316S image stabilizing lens. The system uses less than 50 mW of power during a shot and can compensate for a camera shake of ±0.6deg, according to Varioptic.

The shake compensation angle appears to be about a half of what is needed for long exposure and video OIS, but it should be enough for short exposure zoomed-in shots. The lens is said to be targeted to camera-phone and consumer-grade camcorder markets.


  1. How does Varioptic compare to LensVector?

  2. Since LensVector is liquid crystal based, while Varioptic is liquid based, I would expect LensVector to be more robust and manufacturable. Varioptic has had lots of manufacturing problems. However, I'm not sure if LensVector can do anti-shake stabilization.


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