Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Altera and Apical Demo FPGA-based WDR ISP for Aptina MT9M033

Business Wire: Altera and Apical announced HD WDR ISP solution for video-surveillance cameras. Altera is demonstrating the solution with Aptina MT9M033 WDR sensor at the International Security Conference (ISC) West Expo on March 24-26 in Las Vegas.

The sensor processing design implemented in the FPGA is provided by Apical. The IP from Apical includes the full ISP, which performs the auto-exposure, auto-gain, and auto-white balancing, 2D or 3D noise reduction and also incorporates Apical's iridix local tone mapping engine. The Cyclone III and Cyclone IV families of FPGAs perform all of these functions at high clock rates, logic utilization, and low power consumption.

A nice video showing the WDR platform at work is here.

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