Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ambarella Announces A5s IP Camera Platform

Business Wire: Ambarella will demonstrate the Linux-based A5s IP Camera Reference Platform at invitation-only events during the International Security Conference & Expo (ISC West 2010) to be held in Las Vegas, on March 23-25.

Here is the feature list of the platform:
  • Multi-streaming HD 1080p30 H.264 encode plus simultaneous VGAp30 H.264 for thumbview and 5 MPixel (MP) JPEG for high-resolution
  • ISP with 3D Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) and per-pixel Local Exposure Correction (LEC)
  • ISP support of up to 32 MP resolution, 8- to 14-bit pixel processing, and 240 MP per-second capture, equivalent to 8 MP at 30 frames per second, enabling Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom and oversampling to reduce aliasing
  • 528 MHz ARM1136J-S CPU with AES/3DES crypto engine
  • Rich set of peripherals: 16-bit LPDDR2/DDR2/DDR3, NAND, SLVDS/parallel sensor i/f, BT.656 in/out, analog SD/HD out, HDMI, Ethernet MAC, USB 2.0, SSI/SPI, I2S audio, IDC, UART, RTC, WDT, GPIO, iris/AF motor stepper, and SDIO for SD Card and WiFi/3G
  • Low-power 45nm CMOS technology and SoC integration. A5s consumes less than 1 Watt (including DDR) at full HD 1080p30, allowing an IP camera design to use as little as 2 Watts.
  • Wide selection of sensors supported, including Aptina MT9M033 (1.3 MP WDR), Aptina MT9J003 (10 MP), OmniVision OV2715 (2 MP), and Sony IMX036 (3 MP). 
Ambarella expects that IP cameras based on A5s, depending on feature set, will allow end-user pricing below US $150 as IP becomes a mainstream choice for CCTV.


  1. hi friends .. I like this article very helpful for me,,,,

  2. This IP camera based on A5s can be very useful for assets security and people's security. This camera is used as CCTV here in Ottawa. Computer supports the camera for full streaming off the videos recorded.


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