Thursday, March 18, 2010

OmniVision to Increase Contract Orders

Taiwan Economic News: Omnivision CIS modules are heavily ordered. The company has placed its orders for 0.18mm, 0.13mm, 0.11mm and 65nm process with TSMC, and is going to increase contract orders for downstream process with Taiwanese suppliers in the line starting the second quarter of this year. Taiwanese semiconductor testing and packaging companies, such as VisEra, Xintec, Siliconware and King Yuan are likely to benefit from OmniVision.


  1. Ang OV has shares in all these downstream companies !

  2. Ang = And (most likely)

    owning shares in the downstream companies sounds like a nice way of deriving revenue from the entire supply chain...

  3. I've heard Omnivision is taking delivery of 300,000 wafers for the last 6 months of the year and the 5 megapixel BSI will eliminate the middle man by shipping as completed cameras

  4. one needs to add value in the supply chain in order to assure your continuing participation in the market. Otherwise you get left out....


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