Friday, March 26, 2010

Omnivision Diversifies

PR Newswire: Omnivision acquired Aurora Systems, a privately-held company in California. Aurora is a supplier of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) devices for use in mobile projection applications and high definition home theater projection systems.

OmniVision acquired all outstanding shares of Aurora for approximately $5.0M. Of this amount, $0.5M has been placed in escrow for a period of up to one year for purposes of compensating OmniVision for certain specified damages that it may incur.

"We are very excited by the growing popularity of image projection systems in consumer devices. With the acquisition of Aurora, we expect to capitalize on this trend in the emerging video-centric consumer market, expand our product portfolio and offer even more innovative and comprehensive imaging solutions to our customers," said Shaw Hong, president and chief executive officer of OmniVision.

Update: Incidentally, in May 2009 Micron too acquired a maker of LCOS displays DisplayTech.


  1. good deal, but I doubt if it is a sign Omnivision loose the confidence to get enough growth on it's major field.

  2. Seems like competing with lens vector.

  3. they have a big success in the image input device, now they want to do something in the image output side. it's great ...

  4. Aurora - 13 yrs of stress and $5M - most of which will probably go to last in - first out investors. I hope the founders get something.

    It does make you wonder what Omnivision is up to. $5M is kind of a token amount so it must be for IP and the remaining engineers. Obviously it is not for the current customer base or current products. Maybe it is about Lensvector...? Or about holographic displays for 3D?


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