Friday, May 20, 2011

L-3 Amorphous-Si Microbolometers Reviewed

Laser Focus World published an article on L-3 amorphous-silicon bolometers IR sensors. Starting form the history, the paper says that properly processed amorphous silicon can achieve temperature coefficient of 5%/degC which makes it the preferred material for uncooled IR imagers. The pixel supports signal integration and averaging in chained switched-caps:

The article is written by Charles Hanson, L-3 Electro-Optical Systems (L-3 EOS) CTO for infrared products.


  1. This has also been presented at SPIE DSS Orlando this year.

  2. But a-Si has been used for years in ULIS sensors, what is new about L3's solution? He talked like they have discovered this "new" material for uncooled IR sensor!!!!

  3. Yes, indeed. The ROIC part seems to be different between L-3 and ULIS though.


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