Monday, May 02, 2011

TowerJazz and Medigus Announce 2nd Generation of World’s Smallest Camera

Business Wire: TowerJazz and Medigus announced successful sampling of the second generation of TowerJazz's CMOS imager that serves in Medigus' line of disposable miniature cameras. Its image sensor measures 0.66x0.66 mm and has resolution of 45K pixels. Medigus and TowerJazz are said to use advanced technologies, including TSV for packaging. The camera’s diameter is only 0.99 mm which is said to be the first video camera in the world with a diameter smaller than 1 mm.

Medigus will begin supplying samples of the camera to customers in Japan and in the US for cardiology procedures. The camera will be integrated in Medigus’ other endoscopy products and will also be sold to third-party medical equipment manufacturers.

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