Monday, May 30, 2011

TVs with Camera Modules to Be Popular

Digitimes: Connected TVs with built-in camera modules will become a trend, which camera used for Skype video calls, face recognition and motion detection, according to Digitimes sources in Taiwan. Japan-based vendors are expected to take the initiative to launch connected TVs with built-in camera modules by the end of 2012, the sources indicated.

Such camera modules will have a H.264 codec to compress 720p/30fps video, according to the same sources.


  1. It's great that this is finally happening, hopefully there will be Android televisions rather than inferior and incompatible proprietary operating systems. A tv that can video chat with a smart phone and the day it ships has an app-store with all the popular games and apps available would be great.

  2. About the motion detection, do you guys have any idea which sensor company is good at this application?

  3. yes, i think the Time of Flight technology from TriDiCam (Germany) is good for motion detection

  4. Can anyone comment TOF Vs structured light for such applications?

  5. @ "Can anyone comment TOF Vs structured light for such applications?"

    I'm not sure what is the function of this motion detection. If it's just to switch the TV off if nobody is watching it, a simple PIR module might suffice.

    Talking about ToF vs structured light, I do not know what are the figures of merit in this application, so I can't compare them.


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