Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Varioptic Liquid Lens Finds New Home

PR Web: Newly founded Optilux Inc. will expand the liquid lens actuator technology, pioneered by Varioptic S.A., and optimize it for the consumer mobile telephones and tablets market. Optilux got the exclusive global rights to bring Varioptic’s proven technology to smartphones and tablets.

Optilux was formed by Hamid Farzaneh, a former Varioptic CEO.

We believe that Parrot's acquisition of Varioptic and the creation of Optilux--which is focusing solely on mobile telephones and tablets applications--ensures that the highly-advanced liquid lens technology will be adopted broadly across many different segments,” said Henri Seydoux, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Parrot S.A.

Customers currently using or evaluating Varioptic products for camera phones are not supposed to see a gap in support. Optilux’ agreement with Varioptic enables camera phone actuator customers to continue to receive support from Varioptic as needed. Optilux and Varioptic will continue to cooperate on further joint development of the core technology.

Thanks to JW for sending me the link!

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