Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SMIC Awarded by Galaxycore

PR Newswire: SMIC announced that it has earned the "2010 Excellent Supplier Award" from its customer GalaxyCore. SMIC has earned the GalaxyCore Excellent Supplier Award for two consecutive years since the award was established in 2009.

"GalaxyCore holds the largest CIS VGA market share in China, so earning this Excellent Supplier Award for two consecutive years is a great honor for SMIC," said SMIC President and CEO David N.K. Wang. "We will continue to improve our service and speed up the R&D on TSV / CU BEOL technology to assist GalaxyCore in the high-end product segment and pursue our mutual vision of products 'Designed in China, Made in China.'"

"GalaxyCore has always insisted on being customer-oriented and our explosive growth over just a few years has made GalaxyCore a globally-recognized brand. We look forward to forging a closer relationship with SMIC on our future high-end products," said Stanly Zhao, CEO of GalaxyCore.

I wonder what happened with Galaxycore's plans to transfer part of its production to HH NEC?


  1. And SMIC will attribute to GalaxyCore
    "2010 Excellent Customer Award" too.

  2. Well, it would be well deserved for Galaxycore. Last time I asked, the whole CIS capacity at SMIC was consumed by Galaxycore.


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