Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sony Announces 1.34um Pixel CCD, Industry's First Digital Output CCD

Sony CX-News vol. 64: Sony announces ICX682SQW - 1/2.3-inch 16MP CCD with 1.34 μm pixel. The new CCD is capable to deliver 720/30p video or 5.046 fps at 4.04MP resolution. While pixel area is smaller than the previous generation 1.43um pixel, the performance is said to be better:

Another newly announced CCD, the 1/2.9-inch 10.17MP ICX688SQG, relies on the same 1.34um pixel and features full analog readout chain with 12b ADC integrated into the same package. Such an integration is said to be industry's first:


  1. so this is a SiP module?

  2. this is a clever solution, because most of system designers have fear of analog circuits. with SiP sensor, they can use it as a CMOS one but with the advantage of a CCD. The development risk is almost zero for SONY.


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