Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Altasens and Apical Announce their First HDR Customer

PR Newswire: Hisense Group (Qingdao, China) has released its WDR security camera NVC2500 based on the turnkey WDR CMOS imaging solution provided by AltaSens and Apical. AltaSens and Apical started their strategic partnership more than a year ago. The partners have developed what they say to be the first 1080p60 HD WDR chipset in the imaging industry. The AltaSens CMOS image sensor utilizes "dual-exposure-in-a-single-frame WDR technology" to enhance its DR.

In a first public PR released two months ago Altera was named as a partner too, not clear what is its status now. The today's PR only says that the solution is based on FPGA without naming a vendor.

The NVC2500 camera supports H.264 BP/MP/HP and MJPEG compression formats and can transmit video by multicast and unicast in variant network conditions.


  1. HiSens is a TV maker in China. It's a new comer in security marmet.

  2. Hisense manufactures a lot of stuff, other than TVs, but you are right, it's a newcomer in security. The PR mentions that saying that Hisense team "developed and released high-end cameras in less than a year."

  3. do you mean they buy a solution and make a plastic box in less than a year???


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