Wednesday, May 04, 2011

ST Sensors inside RIM Playbook

Chipworks teardown revealed that RIM Playbook tablet relies on two ST image sensors: 5MP primary camera's 5953BA and 3MP secondary 58548A, both based on 1.4um pixels. Chipworks writes: "This is a pretty big design win for STMicro, since it also has won the image processor (on a separate chip). The STV0986 (package markings show an X) is touted as a 5 Mp mobile imaging processor that can support up to two mobile sensors."

The 5MP ST5953BA sensor is said to have "aluminum & copper interconnect, a unique implementation of Bayer patterned color filters, a novel unit pixel isolation technique, uncommon microlens structure, and a thinned pixel dielectric stack."

Supposedly 5MP ST5953

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