Thursday, March 07, 2013

Aptina Forms Strategic Partnership with LFoundry

Business Wire: Aptina announces a strategic partnership with LFoundry to continue the manufacture of CMOS image sensors in Avezzano, Italy following LFoundry’s purchase of Micron’s fabrication facility. Micron has been manufacturing imaging sensors for Aptina in the Avezzano facility for over five years. This fab acquisition includes the assignment to LFoundry of Micron’s four-year wafer supply agreement with Aptina. Micron remains a co-owner of Aptina and is committed to supporting a smooth transition of the ownership of the Avezzano facility.

"The acquisition of the Avezzano, Italy facility promotes a strategic win for LFoundry, and the Avezzano facility. We look forward to helping Aptina to produce industry leading CMOS imaging solutions," said LFoundry CEO Günther Ernst.

"We look forward to our continued relationship with the Avezzano facility, and building on our relationship with LFoundry," said Tony Alvarez, COO at Aptina. "We have a long and successful history with the Avezzano facility and have shipped to our customers over 1 billion image sensors manufactured at this location. We are confident that LFoundry will build on this legacy to assure the continued reliable supply of high quality and high performance products for our customers."


  1. Which is the main foundry, LFoundy or tsmc?

  2. This is a low-low association. What kind of strategy can be behind this arrangement?

  3. Dumb questions don't deserve an intelligent answer....

  4. There is no strategy. It is just grass hopping.


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