Thursday, March 21, 2013

TowerJazz Offers CIS Foundry Services at Nishiwaki Fab

BusinessWire: "TowerJazz is the leading specialty foundry serving the majority of Europe for specialty CMOS image sensors and a substantial portion of the US and Asia Pacific. As such, we support our customers’ roadmaps by developing solutions tailored to their needs. Also, we offer production capabilities in three geographical regions which helps mitigate any production risk,” said Dr. Avi Strum, VP and GM, CMOS Image Sensor Business Unit and VP of Sales for Europe. “We expect that high-end photography customers will find the outstanding low levels of defective pixels offered in our facility in Nishiwaki, Japan very attractive for DSLR products.

Other new Towerjazz offerings include pixels with improved sensitivity and resolution in NIR which for automotive driver assistance sensors and 3D gesture control applications. In addition, the foundry now offers small global shutter pixels on 0.11um CIS hybrid process that includes a thin optical stack solution for improved angular response.


  1. Who is the customer? Nikon?

  2. So the other facilities they have do not offer low levels of defective pixels?


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