Saturday, March 30, 2013

Panasonic ToF DImager Product Line

Panasonic-affiliated web site Pidtechinsights posted an nice explanation of the differences in DImager product lineup:

Currently, three different D-IMagers are available—Models 3104, 3105 and 3106. All three have some common characteristics, but they differ in some key regards:
  • Lighting Requirements. The original D-IMager, Model 3104, serves in lighting conditions up to 20,000 lux. So does the Model 3105, though it has a higher sensitivity than than 3104. Model 3106 addresses high illumination applications—up to approximately 100,000 lux. To date, the 3106 is the only commercially available IR ToF sensor that can be used with such high illumination levels.
  • Pixel Format. All D-IMagers have a nominal pixel format of 160 x120. They have a minimum measurement range of 1.2 meters. Maximum measurement range is 9 meters for Models 3104 and 3106. Model 3105 has a maximum range of 5 meters.
  • Frame Rate. All three models offer frame rates of 15, 20, 25 and 30 fps.
  • Field of View. The further the target is away from the camera the greater field of view (FoV) angle and the lower the resolution. In most applications, FoV above 60 degrees can easily be balanced with the resolution needed for gesture or movement tracking applications.

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