Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lytro Changes its CEO

Cnet: Lytro named Jason Rosenthal as CEO, effective April 15. Rosenthal previously was an executive at Silver Lake Partners and CEO of social-networking start-up Ning. He also worked at AOL, Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and OpsWare.

He'll replace interim CEO Charles Chi, who took over when founder Ren Ng stepped aside as CEO in June 2012. Ng will remain executive chairman, the company said.


  1. Now if they can just find a compelling consumer use for a light field camera, maybe they can start making some money!

  2. Really, what they need to do is what about 98% of all start-ups should do. Find a niche where the technology is actually an advantage and build a nice little business selling special-purpose products.

    I talk to a lot of new companies trying for the consumer markets who have products that fill real needs in scientific or industrial or medical imaging but they turn me away because the opportunities do not have enough zeroes in the volume (more in the unit price athe margins but not enough to compensate).

    These specialty needs rarely go away, but the technologies usually do - when the hype fails.


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