Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chipworks on Primary Camera Design Wins in 2012

Chipworks published an interesting analysis based on its reverse engineering of 2012 models of mobile phones and tablets. The chart below is based on the non-representative set of teared down devices:

Another interesting observation is that "All of OmniVision’s devices are back illuminated, while all of Aptina’s and Toshiba’s are front illuminated. Sony and Samsung had a mix of front and back illuminated devices winning primary camera sockets (although the majority of sensors from both companies are back illuminated)."

There is a lot of other interesting data in the Chipworks article, well worth reading. Thanks to PD for the link!


  1. I was right last week Aptina does not have any bsi image sensor in production despite the claims by its notorious marketing.

  2. Surely one can conclude very little from a limited set of teardowns. Also, the pie chart is a little silly to publish since it is just data from the phones. One model, one count. Doesn't say much about how many of each model is sold or which models were not even purchased for teardown. I am pretty sure right now Samsung is #1 in mobile devices, for example.


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