Wednesday, May 14, 2014

19 Ways to Do 3D Imaging

Perry West of Automated Vision Systems, Inc. publishes a nice whitepaper "Nineteen Ways to do 3-Dimensional Imaging" briefly discussing different approaches to get 3D images of various objects. Here is the summary table:


  1. ..and still counting:
    I don't like that column "Ambiguity", it's very disputable... And the table mixes volumetric with surface measurement methods.

    1. So, what is the principle of Photoneo 3D sensor?

    2. Looks like structured light.

  2. Interesting table would have been great if it also includes samples sensors

    1. Just from the top of my head:
      1. Kinect 1
      2. LeapMotion? (mixed with stereo, but can only do hands)
      3. ??? (nothing popular comes to mind, maybe a Zygo interferometer?)
      4. Lytro Illum?
      5. Gameboy 3DS
      6. Confocal microscopes
      7. ???
      8. Sick laser scanner
      9. Kinect 2
      10. ???
      11. Keyence VHX microscope (or any other microscope with motorized focus)
      12. CT-scanner
      13. ???
      14. Credit card
      15. ???
      16. Any AFM
      17. Optical mouse with laser illumination
      18. ???
      19. Really popular with ophthalmologists, they use OCT scanners to analyze the retina

      Anyone, please feel free to extend and correct this list!

    2. I don't know about other applications, but a version of laminography is used for automatic x-ray inspection (AXI) of highly populated PCBs like those in smartphones.

  3. Not a very interesting table. Too general. Not a very interesting website. Too little (no) information.

    1. Albert TheuwissenMay 15, 2014 at 1:53 PM

      It is easy to say "not a very interesting table", but many people would appreciate if you can make it more interesting ?

  4. Hi,

    it is good to see a list like this, even if we have known the parts before.

    I am missing red shift. That is 3D imaging on the largest possible scale. It covers a wide part of the volume of the universe.

  5. Glad you enjoyed my work

    - Edwin Hubble


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