Thursday, May 22, 2014

Himax Imaging Update

Seeking Alpha publishes Q&A session from Himax Q1 2014 earnings call. Few interesting quotes:

Jerry Su – Credit Suisse AG:

Is there a significant turnaround on your on several subsidiaries specific non driver – non-driver product lines?

Jackie Chang, CFO:

"Yes, LCOS company and also the Himax Imaging Technology that is the CMOS imaging sensor region that is still losing money. But we do expect one or both of them breaking even or be profitable this year."

Daniel A. Heyler – Bank of America Merrill Lynch:

Could you elaborate on the products, you just mentioning eight megapixel. Is that a BSI product – BSI technology or is that going to start on a FSI.

Jordan Wu, CEO:

The major BSI product we’re launching eight megapixel, which is really getting enjoying growing popularity design wise with customers... And later in the year we are going to launch around 1 megapixel BSI sensor for laptop and tablet, which is a full HD sensor. So that will likely be our second BSI product.

Daniel A. Heyler – Bank of America Merrill Lynch:

So is the eight megapixel BSI, is that currently shipping in volume or is that a third quarter ramp?

Jordan Wu, CEO:

No, it’s a third quarter thing, starting of third quarter. It’s going through design stage.

Daniel A. Heyler – Bank of America Merrill Lynch:

And is that on 12-inch wafer or is that going to be on 8-inch because I know capacity is pretty tight on 8-inch?

Jordan Wu, CEO:

No, it’s 8-inch, but TSMC has – we will agree upon to capacity reservation with TSMC. So I think we all can.

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