Monday, May 12, 2014

ST "will soon offer products with 100’s of millions of pixels"

It came to my attention that STMicro image sensor web page has an interesting roadmap claim: "The current product portfolio spans a wide range of traditional image sensors from entry level VGA to 24 Mpixels and will soon offer products with 100’s of millions of pixels."


  1. Hi!
    I don't see the 100MP sensor you mentioned....

  2. Oh sorry, found it! It's in the entry text and not in the table below :)

  3. ST-Microelectronics are in major financial trouble, senior management elections, EU funding needed to prop-up the failing lacklustre dinosaur, massive overheads, cutting of divisions and continued billions lost each year.

  4. Over the last 5 years STM has almost broken even financically and at the moment they almost break even with the situation being improved each quarter for a while now. The stock analysts in general also view it's stock in positive light. Certainly this doesn't sound like a major finansical trouble.
    "Billions lost every year" is just plain wrong.

  5. I would welcome a full frame 6x6 or 6x7 medium format sensor with 100's of pixels providing:
    1. I can use it on my RZ67 camera with all my RZ lenses without a crop factor.
    2. I can use it on my Hasselblad 6x6 with all my lenses without a crop factor.
    3. The sensor and back plus any adapter linkage is reasonably priced in the 4-6K range.

    The manufacture's advantage is that millions of Mamiya RZ67 and Hasselblad users would flock to purchase the back and sensor, knowing they don't have to spend $12-20,000 to use their bodies and lenses they have..
    60mp = $3,000
    80mp = $4,000
    100mp = $6,000
    200mp = $8,000


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