Friday, May 02, 2014

Woodside Capital on Embedded Camera Market

Woodside Capital Partners publishes a 85-page-big report on embedded camera market "Embedded Camera Status: At The Edge of Depth", dated by Apr. 2014. The report essentially says that integration of the depth information into the cameras is the next big step in imaging: "The industry has acquired a thirst for depth detection in the cameras, and the generation of a point cloud of a scene, this has the potential to increase volumes shipped by nearly 2X by the latter part of this decade."

Few interesting graphs form the report:

The automotive camera section talks about the slow product launch cycle and market entry barriers:

Thanks to DM for the link!


  1. The mobile TAM is way off.... if you count both rear and front cams, the TAM shown in chart is more like half of what might be the actual number

  2. Alright, what a bunch of fuuuuiiieee! Talk about conflict of interest. This is Pelican imaging's VC investors!!! This is absolutely garbage data. Vlad, please put an advisement next to this data. Notice, they state it is an embedded camera TAM and only include the application areas Pelican can play in. Where's medical imaging? Where's machine? Where's scientific/military/defense? Tablets? Notebooks? Broadcast?Endoscopy? Biomettrics?

  3. Woodside capital is an investment bank, not a VC firm.

    1. I think VC is a close approximation. Definitely not a bank. Check out their webpage. By the way, they also manage distressed portfolios...


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