Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Teledyne DALSA Opens Possibility Hub

Teledyne DALSA unveiles Possibility Hub - a content engine for sharing stories and knowledge about imaging technology and its ability to empower human achievement. Continued advances in digital image sensor technology and data processing are driving new and ever more ambitious applications for imaging technology. The Possibility Hub will spotlight these innovations not only in traditional industrial applications, but in the physical and health sciences, arts and entertainment, as well as oceanographic, geographic, and interplanetary exploration.

One of the articles on the Hub "Five CMOS Camera Developments to Watch in 2014" by Eric Fox. The developments are:
  • CMOS Sensors Will Go Big. Real Big. (in resolution and size)
  • CCD + CMOS: The Best of Both Worlds? (TDI implemented in CMOS)
  • Accelerating Speeds and Feeds
  • Better Low-Light Performance
  • More Will Be Happening On-Camera (HDR, ROI, various corrections)

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