Thursday, August 14, 2014

4.4 Tera-fps Camera

Nature Photonics publishes a paper from a number Japanese universities and research centers showing 450x450 pixel imaging at 4.4 trillion fps:

"Sequentially timed all-optical mapping photography (STAMP)"
K. Nakagawa, A. Iwasaki, Y. Oishi, R. Horisaki, A. Tsukamoto, A. Nakamura, K. Hirosawa, H. Liao, T. Ushida, K. Goda, F. Kannari & I. Sakuma

The paper is supplemented by a nice videos explaining the camera operation and showing the demo movies (see more videos at the bottom of the Nature Photonics page):


  1. any idea about which image sensor they used for this system?

  2. In my o vepinion, in this new, the authors are mixing different concepts: The frame rate and the exposure time.
    The exposure time can be obtained very small, using pulsed light, like the user by the authors thought a fento second s laser.
    But a very different thing is 4obtain a frame rate of 4.4Tfps.

    This frame rate provide a throughput of around 900e15 bytes per seccond. This means that even for only 1us, the amount of memory needed to record the film will be around 1TeraByte. I don't know any storage support able to reach this bandwidth and capacity.

    In addition, the sensing will not be based in any electronic device, because the time needed from the photo generated charge (electrons or holes) to move in the semiconductor will be normally significantly higher than 200fs, which will produce a blurring effect between consecutive frames


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