Monday, August 18, 2014

ON Semi Defines Post-Acquisition Aptina Organization

Business Wire: ON Semiconductor announces the completion of its acquisition of Aptina Imaging. ON expects to establish a new reporting segment, which will incorporate the financial results of the company’s consolidated sensor businesses, including the recent acquisitions of Aptina Imaging and Truesense Imaging, and ON Semiconductor’s existing optical, image and touch sensor businesses. The company expects to begin reporting financial results for the newly created segment from Q3 2014.

Taner Ozcelik, has been named SVP of the Aptina image sensor business and will report to Keith Jackson, president and CEO of ON Semi. Before the acquisition, Taner Ozcelik used to be Aptina SVP responsible for the Automotive and Embedded business.

For the Q3 2014, the acquisition of Aptina will likely contribute revenue in the range of $60M to $70M. Excluding the costs related to restructuring, and other acquisition related items, the acquisition of Aptina is expected to be slightly accretive to the ON's non-GAAP net income in Q3 2014.

In its investor presentation, ON Semi shows financial targets for Aptina business:


  1. There is a certain irony that just a couple of years ago Aptina laid off most of its Oslo office which was working automotive sensors, and basically handed that design capability to Omnivision. The increase in valuation might well have fully paid for carrying the Oslo office and some. Who knows?

  2. I was thinking about all the CMOS image sensor IP that ON Semi now controls. I think Truesense had a license to all Kodak IP, incl. the IP bought by Omnivision. Aptina had the Photobit IP, Micron IP, probably all the IP sold to Round Rock from Micron which Aptina had a license to, Agilent IP and probably some more, all of which I suppose goes to ON. Then there is Fill Factory IP. This adds up to a lot of IP, although some is getting old. I wonder if the Aptina-Sony cross-licensing extends to ON as well...probably does.

    Then with the sale of Omnivision, there is a whole other stack of IP (including Kodak IP) that goes to China.

    Quite to consolidation of IP! Maybe the only slightly wild card is ST's IP. And of course the IP from Motorola being used by Intellectual Ventures against the big camera companies discussed last April.

  3. I expect spin off (or sale) of ON's mobile division (Aptina's & TrueSense's mobile, (if any)) a year or two down the road.

  4. You're right Eric about just about all except for Truesense. It is my understanding under the original terms of the Kodak sale to Platnum Equity (Truesense) that Truesense could develop on top of the Kodak IP but did not own it. Kodak retained ownership and this was seperate to the IP sold to Omni ....and on top of this, On Semi has had a reputation lately of becoming troll-like in their defense of the FF IP (CMOSIS).

  5. There is some truth to the irony of the Oslo debacle especially now that ON Semi has the reins. Aptina abandoned them to put even more eggs in the profitless mobile basket, but in truth the people managing that side were hardly capable of telling a compelling story that would salvage the Norwegian center.

  6. On Semi is using a research firm, Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd., to develop their TAM for this presnetation, which only shows CMOS market segments that On Semi plays in and calls it "total CMOS sensor market size". They are reporting only 1/3 the actual size of the CMOS imaing market. Why? My guess is to be selective in their information to not so savvy investors to make it look as though this acquisition makes better sense. No mention of biometrics, lifesciences or medical imaging markets current or future which have much higher margins and will be a significant revenue source in the future. I love haow they are also showing camera market much larger than computing market (laptops primarily). This data is junk.


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