Saturday, August 30, 2014

Google Glass Power Consumption Dominated by Camera

Rice University group presented a paper on Google Glass power consumption breakup at Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems 2014 (APSYS) at Beijing, China:

"Draining our Glass: An Energy and Heat Characterization of Google Glass"
Robert LiKamWa, Zhen Wang, Aaron Carroll, Felix Xiaozhu Lin, and Lin Zhong

The power is by far dominated by camera and image processing:

The same is seen in the temperature profiles:


  1. Now I understand why Google hired Boyd Fowler ;-)

  2. Bear in mind that any streaming data task will probably consume similar power. The consumption isn't so much that this is a camera, but that it's a data intensive task. Rendering 3D video or compressing random data would likely have a similar power profile.


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