Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mantis Vision Reviews 3D Camera Technologies

Mantis Vision's CTO, Gur Bittan presents "Mobile Depth Sensing Methods and What They're Good For" at GPU Technology Conference held in March 2014. One can download the presentation video here or see it below.


  1. If this presentation were true how did TOF technology PMD get to be an approved vendor of Google Tango, which required them passing the exact set of specifications that exactly matches Mantis capabilities?

    How come Mantis doesn't mention the baseline problem, meaning they won't work in a narrow tablet or phone? How come they don't mention the vast amount of processing power they require? Or the higher illumination (and lower battery life) they will bring?

    I understand that everyone has to slant their technologies in a positive light - I see that every day out of Silicon Valley - but there is the point of being positive about your own technology versus outright lying.

    1. "out of Silicon Valley"? :)
      Valley is the place to be, when you want to hear startup bullshitting every day.
      + recursive geeky news bullshitting => geeks tweeting bullshits => weirdo buying useless gadget/app => startup having bullshit valuation .. that is crazy self-supporting economy.
      There are many great products/startups in Valley, just try to be fair!

  2. 1. Tango use case have different set of requirements - I dare to see any TOF solution get to the accuracies of a good active triangulation in the short distance. (accuracies corresponds to the square distance)
    2. Baseline was mentioned - saying it has a linear impact on accuracy.
    3. Processing power on SL is higher - though far from being vast amount.
    4. As for illumination - as far as I know we require less emitted power compares to the TOF freely available, and we improve as the sensors sensitivity improves.
    5. Accusing of lying while hiding under anonymous id...

    TOF has its strength and weaknesses, boasting about it without acknowledging its fundamental limits is exactly what you point your finger at...

    1. Gur, nice work. Can you tell us more about your projector? Is it diffraction optics? Projected image seems to be very clean and homogenous. How shallow is DoF? Thanks.

    2. Thanks,

      Tango projector works well beyond the 0.4m to 4m volume.
      We have other projectors that start at 15 cm.

      For any additional data please contact us directly.


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