Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rumor: Heptagon Acquires MESA Imaging

The rumor is that Heptagon has acquired Swiss ToF camera and image sensor maker MESA Imaging. MESA ToF cameras and sensors are mainly used in industrial applications, while Heptagon is oriented to mass market wafer optics used in many camera phones. The synergy between the two cameras is not clear to me.

Historically, both companies started from Switzerland CSEM technology:


  1. Heptagon also makes laser modules (competing with companies like JDSU and Osram) so they now have the two key components for a TOF module: sensor and illumination.

    1. May be, but illuminate with lasser isn't too efficient in terms of power consumption. Will be better illuminated with led

    2. Are you sure? What's the reason?

    3. The new Kinect with canestas tof sensor also works with laser

  2. Today's lasers are actually more power efficient than LEDs for TOF, largely due to the the rising and falling edges of the laser being better so its signal is more "efficient" for TOF (better signal equals lower noise, equals less clean up, etc.). Of course there are benefits for LED like eye safety and a few others, so it depends a lot on what the system designers want to trade off.


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