Tuesday, August 19, 2014

iFixit Reveals Mantis Vision 3D Camera inside Google Project Tango Tablet

iFixit teardown shows that Mantis Vision structured light camera is responsible for Google Project Tango tablet 3D vision. The teardown team quotes Google: "The IR projector is from Mantis Vision, and designed specific to our specs for field of view and resolution. It is custom designed to work in partnership with the 4MP RGB-IR camera on the other side."


  1. Mantis Vision (not Manits)

  2. Manits instead of mantis appear in the title

  3. Google is creating a 3D module standard that pretty much anyone with a 3D imager is free to pass and be "qualified". Once Tango-qualified it is up to the various 3D module vendors to get designed into the end-OEM (Google is not a tablet maker and are not going to make more than the initial few K development kits).

    It's not very different the SMIA concept for 2D modules, so you will see several "Tango" qualified modules by the end of the year then all will be going to the various Android tablet vendors to get designed in.


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