Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apple Applies for Charge Transfer Patent

Apple keeps applying patents on global shutter pixel and its components. The US20140252201 application "Charge transfer in image sensors" by Xiangli Li, Xiaofeng Fan, and Chung Chun Wan proposes a doping structure for storage node SN, where the part near the transfer gate is lightly doped to create a potential barrier, said to be useful for multiple storage node pixels like this one:


  1. What is the barrier height between 188 and 176 ? It should be very small. So the FWC problem is not really resolved. Am I right ?

    -yang ni

    1. I think this is similar to the Aptina pump gate global shutter, and addresses the problem of transferring charge from one virtual gate to another. It is a pretty normal CCD operation. The filing date is before the Aptina IISW presentation last June. Anyway, it is about the exact doping structure, not about the CCD operation.


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