Thursday, September 25, 2014

Imaging Without Limits at SEMICON Europa 2014

SEMICON Europa 2014 to be held in Grenoble, France on Oct. 7-10, 2014 hosts a 2-day conference "Imaging without limits" (Oct. 7-8). Speakers come from a wide range of companies:

The conference agenda:

Session 1: Imaging Application Overviews

Keynote: From pervasive sensing to operational efficiency a path towards internet of everything
Pascal Brosset, Sr VP Innovation, Schneider Electric Industries

Imaging and Telcommunications
Rahul Swaminathan, Senior Expert, Telekom Innovation Laboratories

Driving solutions - intelligent sensor systems
Berthold Hellenthal, Robust Design, Semiconductor Strategy, Audi

Imaging in ophthalmology: From eye astronomy to artificial retina for visual restoration in blind patients
Serge Picaud, Directeur de recherche, Institut de la vision

2013 - 2018 Markets & Applications for CMOS Image Sensors
Frédéric Breussin, Business Unit Manager MEMS & Sensors, Yole Developpement

Session 2: Imaging Technology Overviews

Keynote: CMOS Image Sensors: Now and Future
Eric R. Fossum, Professor, Dartmouth

French infrared technologies offering competitive edges to imaging sensors business
David Billon-Lanfrey, CTO, Sofradir

What's aside of Megapixel race: Imager & Photonics Process Development for Mass Production
Krysten Rochereau, Img div. / CMOS & CIS process manager, STMicroelectronics

Evolution of Design and Manufacturing of optical modules for mobile phone.
Jean Pierre Lusinchi, CTO AOEther, Asia Optical Ether

The Benefits of GPU Compute on ARM Mali GPUs
Tim Hartley, Staff Engineer, ARM

Wavelens - Shaped for Sharpness
Arnaud Pouydebasque, Co-Founder and Product Development VP, Wavelens

Specialized Design House for High Performances CMOS Image Sensors
Philippe Rommevaux, CEO & President, Pixalys

Imaging applications based on organic materials
Alain Jutant, President & CEO, Nikkoia

MultiX - multi energy spectrometric X-ray detectors for various applications
Patrick Radisson, Co-Founder & CTO, MultiXDetection

Session 3: Consumer

Wafer-level technologies for imaging and sensing applications in mobile devices
Markus Rossi, Chief Innovation Officer, Heptagon Advanced MicroOptics

Multi aperture camera module with 720p-resolution using microoptics
Andreas Brückner, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer IOF

CMOS-based innovations for specialty imaging industries to consumer applications
Maarten Willems, Business Director - Smart Systems, IMEC

Imaging for companion humanoid robots
Rodolphe Gelin, Research Director, Aldebaran Robotics

Spectral filtering on CMOS Image Sensors with metal dielectric multilayers
Laurent Frey, senior research scientist, CEA LETI MINATEC

Session 4: Automotive

Automotive Camera Systems - Photons to Ethernet
Tarek Lule, Camera System Engineer, STMicroelectronics

New Developments on CMOS Logarithmic Image Sensor
Yang Ni, CTO, New Imaging Technologies

High Performance Global Shutter Image Sensors - Design and Applications
Guy Meynants, CTO, CMOSIS nv

All-glass wafer-level lens manufacturing technology for industrial imaging applications
Palle Geltzer Dinesen, Technical Strategy Director, Imaging, AAC Technologies

Custom image sensors for high performance application
Benoit Dupont, chief designer, Caeleste

Session 5: Industrial & Professional

Multisensor Camera Architectures for Security and Operational Applications
David Dorn, Applied Technologies Manager, Schneider Electric

High speed line and area image sensor for industrial and medical applications
Bernhard Schaffer, Senior R&D Engineer, CSEM S.A.

Imaging Devices in Space
Roland Meynart, Head of EO instrument pre-development, European Space Agency

Herodion Architecture for Synchronized Multi-camera Capture and Analysis
Constantin Papadas, CEO, isd

Image sensors in organic and plastic electronics for Industry 4.0 and Internet-Of-Things
Laurent Jamet, Co-Founder, Director Business Development, ISORG

Session 6: Medical

From Computer Assisted Medical Interventions to micro-nano implanted medical robots
Philippe Cinquin, Director, UJF / CNRS / CHU Grenoble

Development of Silicon Photomultipliers at FBK for nuclear medicine applications.
Claudio Piemonte, Chief Scientist, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Xray & high energy imaging : applied technologies oriented perspective
Jean Roux, Business Developper Sales&Marketing, Hamamatsu Photonics France

Miniaturization trends in medical imaging enabled by full wafer level integration if micro camera modules

Fully integrated CMOS THz Imaging Solutions
Andreia Cathelin, Senior Member of Technical Staff, STMicroelectronics

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