Friday, September 05, 2014

CMOSIS Plans Expansion in the US

Evertiq: CMOSIS, has assigned Bruce Bradford as the new Director of Business Development based in Cary, North Carolina to manage CMOSIS operations and growth in America. Bruce Bradford used to work for Fairchild Imaging and e2v.

"We are extremely delighted with this important step in the further development of CMOSIS as a leading player in advanced CMOS image sensors," said Lou Hermans, COO, CMOSIS. "We are investing in establishing CMOSIS America and the assignment of Bruce Bradford to support our existing customer base and to pursue new relationships and opportunities. We are delighted to have Bruce Bradford joining our team as the newly appointed Director of Business Development. We see America as an important region with lots of opportunities for our business. Bruce’s long history with CMOS sensors, CCD’s and camera systems marketplace will bring our business in America to the next level. A local, US presence was the logical step to achieve this."

"The investment in the new entity shows the dedication to support the business in the region," Bruce Bradford said.


  1. North Carolina? A random spot on the US map apparently.

    1. I think someone got confused after seeing "NC" on the sensor schematic.

  2. There are some image sensor companies and medical companies in NC in the Raleigh-Duram triangle.
    But i agree that it is not Mass or the Si Valley.


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