Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mantis Vision and Flextronics Present Tablet with 3D Camera

Cnet, NY1, Tom's Guide: Mantis Vision and Flextronics announce their collaboration and development of the OEM-ready 3D-enabled tablet specifically designed for Dynamic 3D Content Creation, called Aquila. Aquila is an 8” tablet featuring Mantis Vision’s MV4D core 3D engine, MV4D Camera Control SDK, and depth sensing components for 3D data acquisition.

At Mantis Vision, we are ecstatic to be such an integral part of Aquila,” said Amihai Loven, CEO, Mantis Vision. “Aquila will be the first tool of its kind for content creators and a variety of commercial and vertical market applications. Because it is available to all developers and OEMs, makers will have unbounded access to a brave new 3D content ecosystem. Along with Flextronics, we are ready to reinvent the 3D experience for everyone, from creators to consumers.

The tablet is aimed to developers who work on 3D imaging applications.

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