Tuesday, September 23, 2014

poLight Gets New CEO

Optics.org reports that tunable lens maker poLight has appointed Øyvind Isaksen as its new CEO. The former CEO Christian Dupont will become CMO in charge of Sales & Marketing. poLight is working with several potential customers and is in the process of establishing manufacturing capacity in a cooperation with a manufacturing partner. Mainstream production is planned to start in 2015 - in time to address a fast growing market estimated to grow from $1.2B in 2013 to $2B in 2017.

"Having Øyvind Isaksen on board, we have in place a CEO with significant background from technology companies as well as extensive experience in leading a publicly listed company," says Chairman of the Board Keith Cornell.


  1. For Americans, what is the O with a slash called and how does one pronounce it? Accents, umlauts and tildes show up from time to time but not too many Northern European special characters.

  2. Ø is pronounced like thUnder with emphasis on the sound after th... short but powerful :-)

    Æ: The æ-sound is similar to the 'a' in the english words "bad" and "sad".
    Ø: The ø-sound is similar to the 'u' in "burn" and "sun".
    Å: The å-sound is similar to the 'o' in "born" and "horns".

  3. STMicro pressrelease regarding production from 23. sept 2014


  4. poLight raises 19m$


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