Friday, September 26, 2014

Omnivision Reveals Global Shutter CameraCubeChip

PR Newswire: OmniVision launches the OVM6211 CameraCubeChip, a complete global shutter camera in the industry's smallest form factor. The OVM6211 is aimed to a number of consumer applications, including machine and computer vision ones such as gesture recognition, eye tracking and motion detection.

Built on 3um B&W OmniPixel3-GS pixel, the OVM6211 has 400 x 400 pixel resolution and speed of 120fps. The OVM6211 also features a unique ultra-low power mode, which allows it to be used in an "always aware" mode with minimum power consumption.

The OVM6211 CameraCubeChip will be available in two packages. The OVM6211-RADA, intended for human interface systems such as eye tracking, will have a narrow field of view (FOV) at approximately 50 degrees. The OVM6211-RAHA, intended for applications including gesture recognition and wearable devices, will have a FOV wider than 90 degrees. The OVM6211 is currently sampling and is expected to enter volume production in Q4 2014.

"The value that the OVM6211 brings to consumer electronics extends far beyond the machine and computer vision functionalities that it enables," said Aaron Chiang, director of CameraCubeChip marketing at OmniVision. "As a monolithic camera solution with x and y dimensions that are each less than 3.5 mm, the OVM6211 can easily be built into narrow-bezel devices. In addition, the CameraCubeChip allows for the use of standard surface-mount assembly processes, which can reduce both production cost and time-to-market for manufacturers."


  1. Are there any other global shutter Cmos image sensors around with a pixel size below 4um?

  2. Aptina presented a 2.8u global shutter pixel at IISW 2013. I don't know whether it is in mass production or not..

  3. Thanks Adi. There are Aptina sensors with 3.75u global shutter (in the OnSemi sensor list posted today) - in the 1MP range, also a few days back there was a post here about an Omnivision sensor in that range with even smaller resolution.
    I think I have to change my question... to "are there <4um global shutter cmos sensors with >4MPix"? Sensors like Cmosis CMV4000 or Onsemi Vita are above/around 5um. (We have a machine vision application, the optic-side parameters ask for about 3-4um with >4MPix...)?

  4. I have TM the same commercial name many years ago...Interesting.

  5. I am wondering why they didn't publish shutter efficiency data, the most significant specification for global shutter sensor.


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