Monday, April 13, 2015

Ambarella Unveils Low-Power Processor for IP Cameras

BusinessWire: Ambarella announces the S2Lm-based battery-powered IP camera reference design for small, high-quality, battery-powered Full HD security cameras for both professional and consumer security applications. The reference design is based on Ambarella’s new S2Lm ultra low-power HD camera SoC, which can start recording 1080p30 video in less than 500ms from wake up, and provides up to six months of battery life. A Linux SDK is included for networking and customer applications including cloud streaming and analytics.

Battery-powered IP cameras support new use cases that are relevant to a large segment of the security camera market,” said Chris Day, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ambarella. “With no wires to worry about, S2Lm-based cameras can be installed in places where getting to a power outlet may be difficult. In addition, these cameras can be moved around for short term monitoring, without the need to reinstall the camera after every move.

IP Camera design based on the Ambarella S2Lm

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