Thursday, April 09, 2015

Intel Announces RealSense Depth Camera for Smartphones

BBC reports that Intel has revealed a version of its 3D depth camera that is small and thin enough to fit into a 6-inch screen smartphone. The prototype was unveiled by the company CEO Brian Krzanich at an event in Shenzhen, China, although he did not demonstrate it working. The RealSense sensor can be used to recognise hand and head movements and makes it possible to change the focus of photos after they have been taken.

The official Intel PR says "Krzanich discussed how Intel RealSense cameras can provide intuitive, vision-based capabilities for solving complex problems and delivering exciting new usages and capabilities across a variety of form factors. To that end, he showed for the first time a 6-inch smartphone prototype with a new, longer-range Intel RealSense camera built into the device."


  1. Why cellphones need 3D cameras? They might ruin the beauty of a smartphone.

  2. Chinese copies will arrive before Intel MP version.


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