Friday, April 03, 2015

Aptina Sensor Inside GoPro Hero

Electronics360: IHS teardown of GoPro Hero revealed On Semi (Aptina) 8MP sensor inside, although the camera is speced at 5MP. The 1/3.2-inch sensor is based on 1.4um pixel.

The camera module is estimated to cost about a quarter of the total cost of $47.11:

GoPro Hero cost contributors


  1. A limited functionality for a lower price?

  2. It is not using global shutter sensor?!?! Since when?

    1. GoPro Hero's have never used a global shutter sensor - it's one reason that they are of limited use in cinema/broadcast

    2. Most cinema and broadcast cameras don't use global shutter due to limited dynamic range. Some have done so but pulling back.

  3. Good to know that GoPro has Aptina's sensor. Go Aptina (ON) !!! Is it an indication that Aptina's high resolution/mobile parts are finally gaining traction? I hope so ..

  4. Please list for me the companies that do not use a global shutter; Blackmagic? wrong, RED? wrong, Sony? Yes, but this is changing in newest cameras, Canon; Yes, Arri wrong, GRass Valley, wrong. I rest my case.


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