Monday, April 27, 2015

Sony Exmor Generations

Framos publishes a nice explanation of Sony Exmor generations. Sony uses Exmore trademark for sensors with column-parallel ADC architecture with dual CDS (analog comparator auto-zero and up/down counting in digital domain). Framos infographics below explains the evolution and improvements from 1st to 6th generation of Exmor:


  1. nice graphics...easy to grasp the evolution.

  2. Does anyone have idea how these deep PD is implanted please?

  3. For gen 5&6 shouldn't the PD be without gaps? I thought backside illumination should increase the photo active area.

    1. The readout circuitry and the first set of contacts is still in the same plane as the photodiodes so the fill factor is about the same. Only the metalilization is moved from above to below the photodiodes to eliminate the light tunnel. Some metal on the input surface must be retained in global shutter devices.

  4. Of course, you're right : if the white gap between PhotoDiodes represents the shade under the wiring & the transistors - now "at the cellar" with the BSI technology - it should at least be reduced !


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