Sunday, April 19, 2015

Light Responds

Light startup publishes its response on MIT Technology Review, The Daily Dot and other articles on its technology.

Light co-founder and CTO Rajiv Laroia tells to the Daily Dot "The system will enable people to easily carry a small, single device that offers true optical zoom with no protruding elements (we are currently prototyping 35mm-150mm), capture low-noise images even in low-light situations, and control depth-of-field and focus as part of the editing process."

The second Light co-founder and CEO Dave Grannan thinks that the additional power of the Light camera will eliminate the need for photo editors that populate most people’s phones. “Posting photos to social media has been a garbage-in-garbage-out process. If we can drastically improve the material going in by providing great imagery, the need for filters goes away and the overall experience is improved.

The company expects its first builds to begin appearing in smartphones by 2016, giving people a 52MP camera in their pocket.

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