Monday, August 17, 2015

Face Recognition Counter-Measures

Popular Science, WSJ: Japanese National Institute of Informatics announces eyeglasses that help users protect their privacy by disabling facial-recognition systems in cameras.

The glasses appear to be a completely passive device, and said to rely on "unique angles and patterns on its lens that reflect or absorb light. This prevents the recognition systems in digital cameras and smartphones from spotting a human face in a shot and focusing on it."

The Privacy Visor is the world’s first product with this technology,” the institute’s Professor Isao Echizen said. “We are often told not to unveil our personal information to others, but our faces are also a type of an ID. There should be a way to protect that.” Tests with cameras on smartphones showed that the eyeglasses were able to trick the facial-recognition system 90% of the time.

Thanks to DK for the link!

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  1. The Best Delphi sample code I ever had for Face Detection.
    GOD bless the good hearted Author.


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