Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yole Interviews Sunex on ADAS Cameras

Yole Developpement publishes an interview with Peter Hark, Director of Automotive Sales and Marketing at Sunex. Few quotes:

"The low-end of [ADAS] market concerning rear view cameras is very mature and not very dynamic. The high-end is more about high resolution surround-view cameras from which images are stitched together to give a bird’s eye view of a car, i.e. for parking assist purposes. This area is enjoying high growth. Another growth area are forward-facing cameras which, due to new regulations (especially NCAP in Europe, but also in the U.S.), are being increasingly adopted.

At Sunex, we’ve developed what we call the NoGhost technology, which is able to reduce straylight effects. This has great value for HDR sensors. <...> Likewise thermally-compensated optics add value to computer vision applications such as forward sensing cameras where they can extend the operational temperature range.

Sunex Youtube video shows its NoGhost lens advantages:


  1. I am not up to speed on inexpensive lens technology since leaving Siimpel in 2007. Are these "standard lens" images exaggerated? Seems solving lens issues is important to smart phones and consumer imaging, and I thought it was simply a cost and form-factor issue and nothing fundamental. Anyway, I liked the video demo and looks like valuable progress.

  2. what's the difference of these "noghost" lenses from simple polarized lenses? if they photographed the reflection in a pool, it would be clear

  3. There is a noticeable color shift to magenta throughout most of this video. In other parts there is an elimination of color as being seen through a neutral density filter. I think a better solution is a single sensor non-color shifting HDR solution such as from Pinnacle Imaging.

  4. I suspect the key improvements are things like edge-blackening the lenses, better AR coatings, and considering ghost reflections in the lens design. No one said it was impossible to reduce/remove ghosting. You just have to try harder in the design and be willing to pay more.


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