Thursday, August 13, 2015

Interview with Kyushik Hong, Samsung LSI

After the Samsung Imaging Forum, Indian Economic Times publishes an interview with Kyushik Hong, VP of Marketing, Samsung System LSI business. Few quotes:

"Samsung System LSI has three groups: contract manufacturing for others (the Foundry business), the System on Chip or SoC business, which takes care of application processors (Exynos is part of this) and the third is LSI (imaging sensors).

Automotive is one good example where demand is really increasing. Some modern high-end cars now can have up to 20 imaging sensors built in. Some are used for the more mundane reverse cameras, other more sophisticated systems can track cars and obstacles around you while driving, read and interpret data from traffic lights and signboards, track the driver's state, warn you if you are too close to other cars or warn you if you are straying from a lane. All these systems rely on imaging sensors. Internet connected surveillance cameras for home use are on the rise as are consumer drones with HD cameras. Cleaning robots use image sensors too - to detect obstacles and move around them. Finally, even the medical industry seems to be taking to this. For instance, a company we're in talks with is developing technologies that use imaging sensors for non-invasive blood tests. This is all possible because these sensors can see spectrum of light that the human eye cannot.

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