Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Samsung Requirements for DSC/DSLR Sensors

Samsung presentation on DSC and DSLR cameras has a collection of statistical data on customer requests to the DSLR camera image sensors. Most of these requests are known, but now they come with statistics:

Then, Samsung shows how its new 65nm CIS process answers to the user requests:

According to an internal Samsung 2015 market forecast, the company aims to capture 27% market share in mobile CIS and 14% share in other CIS:


  1. the effect is fantastic when we pass from 2.2e to 1.8e noise :)--

  2. Hmmm, Marketing Technology or my lack of education ...

    The first Slide 'people want higher ISO'; do they want extremely low noise Sensors with wells 'the shape of an Hourglass' (more bits on the ends, or 'dual-ended Log'; whatever you would call it), possibly some faster Glass, and at diagonal of at least 35 MM.

    The second Slide purports that people want 'slo-mo', but I read it (between the higher ranking for: HDR, RAW, 10-Bit, even the GS) that people _really_ want normal speed to look better (slo-mo, at higher res. and Frame Rates, is a (good) Fad started by someone producing Stacked Sensors).

    The third Slide says (suggests) we actually want a 50 MP Camera, I say "not so much".

    Probably can't print it, certainly not for a 'Consumer Price', nor would it be great for Video - neigh the Luddites shun h265, least it tax their Computer.

    What we _really_ want is 4096 * 8 wide and 2304 * 8 (32768 X 18432 = 603979776, so 60.4 MP), with 8x Binning - least that's why we 'need' that many MPs, and currently were a bit short); unless you're printing Posters on 4' x 8' sheets of plywood, then you're OK.

    I wonder if the Slides have a good slant.

    Go, go GS.


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