Tuesday, August 11, 2015

IR Interviews Light Founders

Imaging Resource publishes an interview with Light startup CEO Dave Grannan and CTO Rajiv Laroia. Few quotes:

Dave Grannan: It’s been a ton of progress, both on the commercial front and the technology front. You know what we’re doing is pretty radical, using multiple small cameras to give SLR quality in smartphone form factor. <...> Our Series A funding was used to take us from concept to prototype. Series B is being used to grow the team and take us from prototype to production and shipping of a final product.

IR: So, you now have working prototypes that are taking pictures now?

Dave Grannan: Yeah, it’s still a little bit in the early stages, but we’re to the point now where we’re starting to get the first photographs.

IR: At this point, do you have any assembled units that could be used to give examples of image quality obtainable using the technology?

Dave Grannan: Not that we’re releasing yet, but maybe in the next couple of months we’ll be prepared to do that.

IR: How far away do you think you are from manufacturing? How are things going with Foxconn and are there any updates on when we might see products with Light’s technology in them?

Dave Grannan: We’re not at liberty to reveal [others’] plans, but we expect to see some product announcements yet this year, toward the Fall/Q4 timeframe. We expect those products to be in-market by middle of next year.

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