Friday, December 04, 2015

CMOSIS Acquisition Completed

ams announces the completion of the transaction to acquire CMOSIS.


  1. Why AMS, s a small Fab with no image sensor experience, depends so much money to acquire CMOSIS and at the same time, STM tries to share their imaging sensor process to outside? CMOSIS uses actually STM and Towers as foundries, will there be some issues after this acquisition?

  2. 1. AMS is not just "a small fab". Check their website. By this acquisition, ams just increased their sensors' portfolio.
    2. CMOSIS has not done any photodiode innovations as far as I know... so there is nothing STM can disclose to others that CMOSIS does not want it to.
    3. I guess there will be no issues w.r.t to the foundry use. Half of the small-medium imaging companies use Tower, just saying.


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