Friday, December 18, 2015

Next-Gen Tensilica Vision Processor IP

BDTI publishes an article on the next generation Cadence Tensilica Vision P5 Processor IP featuring lower power and higher speed:

The base P5 core is said to be less than 2 mm2 in size in a 16nm process, with minor additional area increments for the optional FPU and cache and instruction memories. Lead customers have been evaluating and designing in Vision P5 for several months, and the core is now available for general licensing.

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  1. There's over a few dozen Companies writing Software for that Processor: - some Applications are running much quicker than 13x the prior generation.

    There are a few Companies making Image Stabilization Software that they claim is much better than previously offered. You should check out what people are working on and see what MIGHT show up in Cameras a couple of years from now.


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