Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More about Mobileye 7.4MP Automotive Camera

SeekingAlpha: Mobileye Q4 2016 earnings call transcript has an interesting part about the company's 7.4MP autonomous driving camera platform:

Itay Michaeli - City analyst important is the 2019 launch of the ultra-high resolution camera to automakers to be able to perform those Level 2 plus functions? And then if you could also comment on the hardware cost to the automaker of that camera relative to mono and trifocal today?

Amnon Shashua - CTO & Chairman

So, regarding the ultrahigh-definition camera, this is a 7.4 megapixel camera. 2019, we have programs that have a 1.7 megapixel camera. We have programs that have 2 megapixel cameras. These are parking cameras that are used also for autonomous driving, not only for parking. And we have the 7.4 megapixel, in many cases, it replaces the trifocal. So, we have a single mono camera with 120 degrees field view replacing three cameras. So, this particular camera is going to be more expensive. It’s not the imager that is so much more expensive, it is the lens. Lens is more expensive. So, it’s few – I can’t say exactly how much more expensive, but it is more expensive and this allows – so basically the ultrahigh-definition camera allows to replace the trifocal with a single monocular camera.

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