Friday, February 24, 2017

Panasonic to Commercialize Heartrate Rate Extraction from Video

Nikkei: Panasonic exhibits a technology to accurately measure the heart rate of a person on video.The companys Contactless Vital Sensing utilizes the change of skin's light reflectance caused by blood. The reflectance changes with the contraction of blood vessels caused by heartbeat.

Panasonic aims to commercialize the technology in 2018 in such applications as sports, checking the stress of employees in call centers, preventing car drivers from falling asleep, etc.


  1. Can this method work under changing environment such as car cabine?

  2. The computer science community has shown this sort of thing for several years at least. I have seen some great demos in the context of fake video vs. authentic video forensics. Maybe it is the commercialization that is new.

    1. Commercialization is not new too. Microsoft Kinect used to have this feature for many years.

      Fujitsu too talked about the commercialization a few years ago, not sure if they have done it:

  3. If you do at different wavelengths, you could even measure values like oxygen saturation of the blood. Some of the nice fitness wearables do it similarily.


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